Marbo Dinner Set Flowers Print , Set of 65Pcs


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In The Box :

Item Name Diameter Height Quantity
Half Plate 19cm 1.5cm 6Pcs
Full Plate 27cm 1.5cm 6Pcs
Soup Plate 14cm 1cm 6Pcs
Soup Bowl 12cm 5.5cm 6Pcs
Veg.Bowl 9.5cm 5cm 12Pcs
Donga Cover 21cm 3.5cm 3Pcs


Item Name Length Width Height Quantity
Donga 23cm 18.5cm 7.5cm 3Pcs
Tea Spoon 18cm 4.5cm 1.5cm 12Pcs
Soup Spoon 23.5cm 7cm 3cm 6Pcs
Serving Spoon 30cm 23cm 3.5cm 4Pcs
Rice Serving Tray 37cm 29cm 3.5cm 1Pcs

Additional information

Dimensions 64.5 × 18.5 × 47.5 cm
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